Two long-time fixtures at the Sixth Circuit’s clerk’s office will be retiring at the end of the month.  Len Green, the Sixth Circuit clerk, and Jan Yates, the Chief Deputy Clerk, are both stepping down after decades of collective service in the clerk’s office.  The two have overseen a number of transformations in the clerk’s office, including helping facilitate the transition to making the Sixth Circuit the first federal circuit to require e-filing for all appellate briefs. A link to our interview with Mr. Green last year is here.
Replacing Mr. Green will be Debbie Hunt, who brings substantial management experience from other federal courts, most recently serving as the clerk of the District of Connecticut.  And Susan Rogers, a long-time motions attorney at the Sixth Circuit, will take over responsibilities of the Chief Deputy Clerk.  (A post regarding the motions attorney function is available here).
We wish Mr. Green and Ms. Yates the best of luck in retirement!