This week has been a slow week for opinions from the Sixth Circuit, and the likely reason is that the judges are all gathered at the Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference in Traverse City.  The Sixth Circuit conference is held annually.  In odd numbered years, it is a judges-only conference of the Sixth Circuit judges, district judges, magistrate and bankruptcy judges.  In even numbered years, attorneys are invited to join the conference.  It typically lasts several days with a number of programming and social events.  This year, at the Judicial Conference, we expect that the Rules Committee will be considering potential changes to the Sixth Circuit rules.  Once there are further developments on that front, we will be sure to provide an analysis of the potential rule changes.  We also expect that there will be continued focus on the technological front, including the refinement of electronic filing.  The Sixth Circuit has been a leader in the institutionalization of electronic filing, with many other circuits turning to it for guidance.