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Sixth Circuit Upholds Kentucky’s Shorter Abandonment Period for Traveler’s Checks

The Sixth Circuit issued an opinion yesterday in American Express Travel Related Services Co., Inc. v. Kentucky, Case No. 12-6249, upholding a Kentucky statute which imposes a shorter abandonment period on traveler’s checks. American Express, as the world’s largest issuer of traveler’s checks, sued the Kentucky Treasurer, arguing that this statutory amendment violated the Due Process … Continue Reading

Dust Off Those Traveler’s Checks and Head to the Bank: Sixth Circuit Upholds For Now Kentucky’s Determination of Abandonment After Seven Years

On May, 5, 2011, the Sixth Circuit reversed a decision from the District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky that had held unconstitutional a Kentucky statute shortening the period after which state law imposes a presumption on abandonment on traveler’s checks. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, et al., No. 09-5898 (6th … Continue Reading