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Sixth Circuit certifies Pennsylvania security-screening comp question

Several suits by Amazon workers seeking pay for time spent in security screening have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation in the Western District of Kentucky. In one of the putative state-law class actions, Pennsylvania-based workers argue that under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act, Amazon owes them for the several minutes per shift they spend … Continue Reading

Divided Daubert Decision Could Have Wide-Reaching Repercussions

In an end-of-the-summer blockbuster, the Sixth Circuit addressed the “often-elusive line between admissible opinion and inadmissible speculation under Rule 702.”  The case could have significant ramifications for products liability cases, particularly in the MDL setting.  Not only does this decision overturn a jury verdict of $20.5 million, but it also signals an uphill battle for plaintiffs seeking to rely upon … Continue Reading