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Ohio State Law Journal releases first-ever issue of Sixth Circuit Review

With its first issue published yesterday, the Ohio State Law Journal’s new Sixth Circuit Review  is meant to be a “digital public square” for discussion of Sixth Circuit cases and longer-term circuit trends.  The new online-only publication invites all—whether practitioners, academics, judges or students—to contribute articles that are both practical and scholarly, as well as to … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Holds Kentucky Bar Association Unconstitutionally Applied Rule of Professional Conduct to Curb Free Speech

In Berry v Schmitt, the Sixth Circuit held that the Kentucky Bar Association (“KBA”) could not use Kentucky Rule of Professional Conduct 8.2(a) to bar an attorney, John Berry, from commenting on the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission investigation of Senate President David Williams.  Senator Williams was investigated for alleged fund-raising violations.  Berry attended the public … Continue Reading

Ethics and Professionalism In the Sixth Circuit

In addition to my active appellate practice, I have spent a substantial portion of my career focusing on the field of ethics and professionalism.  Although these areas of law often intersect, I generally see little professional commentary on appellate ethics.  Part of the reason, of course, is that appellate practice is very specialized, and there … Continue Reading