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Sixth Circuit Finds Environmental Suit Moot: Plaintiffs “might as well ask a meteorologist on Friday to redo the Thursday forecast”

A recent Sixth Circuit case pithily illustrates the potential fate facing plaintiffs who, after failing to obtain injunctive relief against ongoing land development, discover that subsequent events have outstripped the very purpose of the litigation. In Weiss v. Sec’y of the U.S. Dep’t of the Interior (6th Cir., 10-1313, Jan. 25, 2012) (PDF), Julie Weiss … Continue Reading

Vague Assertions of Injury Do Not Establish Environmental Plaintiffs’ Standing

The Sixth Circuit held today that two non-profit corporations lack standing to challenge certain decisions of the United States Forest Service relating to its management of the Daniel Boone National Forest.  In Heartwood, Inc. v. Agpaoa, the court held that the plaintiffs “fail[ed] to allege with adequate specificity the central [constitutional standing] element of injury in … Continue Reading