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Sixth Circuit Denies IRS Mandamus Petition

On Tuesday, in the most recent clash between the IRS and the tea-party groups that were allegedly targeted for enhanced scrutiny by the IRS, the Sixth Circuit denied the IRS’s writ of mandamus. In In re United States of America, the Sixth Circuit ordered that the IRS comply with the district court’s discovery orders in … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Explains Minimal Cost-Measurement Standards in Antitrust Case

Last week, the Sixth Circuit issued an opinion in a lengthy and complex antitrust case about the prices of replacement truck hoods in the American auto parts industry. In Superior Production Partnership v. Gordon Auto Body Parts (“PBSI v. Gordon”), the court affirmed summary judgment in favor of the defendant Gordon based largely on several … Continue Reading

6th Circuit Reverses District Court for Mismanaging Discovery in Discrimination Case

In Bobo v. United Parcel Service, Inc., the Sixth Circuit ruled that the district court erred in its management of discovery related to Walleon Bobo’s discrimination and retaliation claims brought against UPS.  Bobo, an African-American supervisor for UPS and a longstanding member of the Army Reserve and a combat veteran, was terminated in May 2007 … Continue Reading