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Sixth Circuit Holds Attorneys Not Liable Under Kentucky’s Blue Sky Laws

The Sixth Circuit recently held that an attorney who performs traditional legal work during a public securities offering is not liable under the Kentucky securities statute.  In Bennett v. Durham, Case Nos. 11-5782/5918 (6th Cir. June 28, 2012), plaintiff investors sued not only the companies, but the attorneys who represented the companies in connection with … Continue Reading

Significant Securities, CAFA Decision Handed Down by the Sixth Circuit

On Friday, the Sixth Circuit issued a consolidated Opinion recommended for publication in several banking-related cases.  In it, the Court affirmed all of the district court’s rulings in defendants’ favor and addressed an issue of first impression in the Sixth Circuit.  Metz, et al. v. Unizan Bank, et al. Nos. 09-3751/3879/4363.  Martha Sullivan and Joe … Continue Reading