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Sixth Circuit Sheds Light on Appealability of Privilege Issues Post-Mohawk

The Sixth Circuit released its first opinion interpreting the impact of Mohawk Industries, Inc. v. Carpenter, — U.S. — , 130 S. Ct. 599, 175 L. Ed. 2d 458 (2009).pdf, on an interlocutory appeal from an order compelling production of attorney-client communications between a party and its former attorney.   Holt-Orsted v. City of Dickson, 641 F.3d 230 (2011).pdf, eliminates  certain pre-Mohawk exceptions to … Continue Reading

Attorney-Client Privilege Not Relevant to In-House Counsel’s Conviction for Tax Conspiracy

On July 19, 2011, the Sixth Circuit rejected the attempt of an in-house attorney to raise the issue of attorney-client privilege to reverse his conviction for conspiracy to defraud the United States.  For this and other reasons, in United States v. Fisher (6th Cir. 09-2460) (PDF), the Court affirmed the conviction of Edward Fisher, who … Continue Reading