Each year, at the close of the U.S. Supreme Court’s term, there are numerous presentations summarizing the past year in the Court’s decisions and trends.  We are not aware of anything similar with respect to the Sixth Circuit, so we decided to host one ourselves.  On September 8, we will host a free webinar (live for those in Cleveland) covering the year in review on the Sixth Circuit’s business case docket. CLE applications for Ohio and Kentucky are pending.  The presentation will examine a number of the key rulings by the Sixth Circuit over the past year that impact business interests, with a focus on issues such as Daubert rulings, large jury verdicts, class actions, and the Circuit’s standards on dismissal in a post-Twombly world.  It will also explore some of the high-profile rulings, such as recent ones on health care and affirmative action, as well as how the Circuit is being viewed by both the Supreme Court and the media.  In short, how will the Sixth Circuit’s cases impact your business or your clients?  We hope you will join us for this inaugural event.