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Supreme Court Trims Wire Fraud Theory of Public Corruption in Bridgegate Decision

The Supreme Court revisited the Chris Christie administration last week with a decision in Kelly v. United States that reversed the corruption convictions of two top gubernatorial aides. The charges stemmed from their role in the partial closing, and resulting traffic jam, of the George Washington Bridge. Sixth Circuit blogger Ben Glassman recently published his views … Continue Reading

“Twisted” Path to New Trial for Dr. Paulus

A 2018 Sixth Circuit panel upheld a jury verdict convicting Dr. Richard Paulus of submitting fraudulent medical claims. That same panel, with 2020 hindsight(!), reversed that conviction. It held that the trial court’s order unconstitutionally blocked exculpatory evidence. Jury Verdict Set Aside The “twisted” history of the verdict began when a jury deadlocked twice and … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit: District Court Failed To Justify One Day Sentence For White Collar Criminal Facing 57-71 Months

Last week, in United States v. Musgrave, the Sixth Circuit held that a one-day sentence was unreasonable for a CPA convicted of fraud and conspiracy facing a 57-71 month Guidelines range.  The panel explained why the district court was wrong to consider the defendant’s financial losses, the loss of his CPA license, and any harm … Continue Reading