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Visiting Judges on the Sixth Circuit May Impact Circuit Precedent Less Than Commonly Believed

This post continues our look at the Sixth Circuit’s practice of using visiting judges.  We looked at the past two years (ending in July 2011) and found that 54 visiting judges took part in over nine hundred decisions available on Lexis.  Consistent with what we reported earlier (here and here), visiting judges participate in just … Continue Reading

Case Management In the Sixth Circuit: Comparisons In The Use of Visiting Judges

Continuing our exploration of case management practices in the Sixth Circuit, this post compares the Sixth Circuit’s use of visiting judges with that of other circuits and weighs the potential for impact of the visits on the circuit’s procedures.   We have previously explained how visiting judges handle a large portion of the Sixth Circuit’s caseload … Continue Reading

Case Management at the Sixth Circuit: Comparisons Between Circuits on the Role of Staff Attorneys

The Sixth Circuit first began using staff attorneys in 1971, with a staff of three attorneys.  The staff grew to 18 attorneys by 1993, and their duties expanded to reviewing and drafting outcomes for pro se and prisoner-related appeals.  Since then, both the number of attorneys and the scope of their responsibilities has grown with … Continue Reading

Class Action Defendants Are Winning On Appeal – Surprising Statistics on Class Actions In The Sixth Circuit

We have covered a number of important Sixth Circuit decision on class actions over the past year, including as Randleman v. Fidelity National Title Ins. Co. and Dealer Computer Services, Inc. v. Dub Herring Ford.  Though a small percentage of the court’s docket, such cases often have an outsize effect on both precedent within the … Continue Reading

Understanding The Sixth Circuit: The Growing Importance of Senior Judges

This is the first in a series of posts briefly touching on overlooked or misunderstood parts of the Sixth Circuit.  It will look at topics like senior judges, visiting judges, staff attorneys, the role of clerks and case managers, the clerk’s office, the bankruptcy appellate panel, and the circuit mediators.  The series begins by looking … Continue Reading

Reversal Rates In The Sixth Circuit, AKA, The Importance Of An Excellent Brief

It is generally understood that federal appellate courts do not often reverse or remand, but the actual statistics are not as well-known.  The yearly Judicial Business Report, put out by the Administrative Office, gives the statistics for every circuit.  In 2009, the Sixth Circuit decided 590 appeals in private civil appeals on the merits of … Continue Reading