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The Sixth Circuit’s Careful Approach to Vacating Consent Decrees

In John B v Goetz (pdf), the Sixth Circuit refused to vacate a consent decree that required Tennessee to provide various medical screening, diagnostic and treatment services to over a half million children under the Medicaid statute.  Tennessee argued that Gonzaga University v. Doe, 536 U.S. 273 (2002), compelled the conclusion that the statute does … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Further Defines Scope of Judicial Recusal Under Federal Law

The Sixth Circuit has further defined the scope of judicial recusal under federal law by weighing in on a judge’s close personal relationship with an attorney involved in a case. In United States v. Prince (6th Cir., Case No. 08-6547, Aug. 26, 2010) (PDF), the Sixth Circuit rejected a defendant’s claim that his due process … Continue Reading