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The Sixth Circuit and Pro Se Appellants in FY 2014

Just over half—51%—of appeals nationwide are commenced by pro se appellants, and last year, we endeavored to see how these pro se appellants fared in the Sixth Circuit. This year’s official federal court statistics give further insight into the Circuit’s overall pro se caseload. The Sixth Circuit slightly outpaced the national trend with a pro … Continue Reading

Ohio State Law Journal releases first-ever issue of Sixth Circuit Review

With its first issue published yesterday, the Ohio State Law Journal’s new Sixth Circuit Review  is meant to be a “digital public square” for discussion of Sixth Circuit cases and longer-term circuit trends.  The new online-only publication invites all—whether practitioners, academics, judges or students—to contribute articles that are both practical and scholarly, as well as to … Continue Reading

Pro Se Litigants in the Sixth Circuit: A Year-End Analysis

During the twelve-month period ending September 30, 2013, litigants commenced 5,137 cases in the Sixth Circuit. Of these, 2,671 were pro se. However, a search of Sixth Circuit appellate decisions involving pro se appeals reveals just a fraction of these cases result in an opinion from the Court (as opposed to a summary order or … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Reverses Dismissal Against Pro Se FDCPA Plaintiffs

In Lisa Bridge v. Ocwen Federal Bank, the Sixth Circuit reversed a dismissal in a FDCPA case brought by pro se plaintiffs regarding their mortgage.  Lisa Bridge, the only person listed on her mortgage, owed monthly payments to Aames Capital Corporation.  Her bank, Firstar, refused to honor her April mortgage check.  Thereafter, Lisa ordered Firstar … Continue Reading