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Supreme Options for OSHA’s Vaccine-or-Test Mandate

In this post, we take a look at the options facing the U.S. Supreme Court as it considers the challengers’ various emergency applications for a stay, several of which were filed just hours after the Sixth Circuit dissolved the Fifth Circuit’s stay of the ETS this past Friday evening (December 17).  At this point, it … Continue Reading

ETS Developments in the Supreme Court — and more on the Sixth Circuit’s decision dissolving the stay

Before we dive in the panel’s opinions on the stay motion, we should mention that in the Supreme Court proceedings Justice Kavanaugh gave OSHA until December 30 to respond to the various emergency motions to stay enforcement of OSHA’s ETS mandate.  That is the same day that the Supreme Court gave the challengers in the … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Clarifies Scheduling in OSHA Vaccine Cases

On Friday evening, the Sixth Circuit issued a ruling on several pending motions in the OSHA ETS litigation.  Most notably, the court denied OSHA’s motion to shorten the stay briefing and to set an expedited schedule for merits briefing—which appeared to be an attempt by the agency to obtain rulings before its emergency standards were … Continue Reading