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SCOTUS: Dismissal of Claim Under FTCA “Exceptions” Does Not Bar Second Suit

The Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the Sixth Circuit yesterday in Simmons v. Himmelreich, holding that the Federal Tort Claims Act’s “judgment bar” provision does not apply to claims that are dismissed under the “Exceptions” provision of the FTCA.  The FTCA permits plaintiffs to sue the federal government for certain torts committed by government employees.  But … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Widens Circuit Split By Holding Government-Contractor Immunity Not Jurisdictional

Earlier this week in Adkisson et al. v. Jacobs Eng’g Grp., Inc., the Sixth Circuit joined the Fifth Circuit [link] in holding that government-contractor immunity is not jurisdictional like sovereign immunity. The Sixth Circuit was interpreting Yearsley v. W.A. Ross Construction Co., 309 U.S. 18 (1940), which held that government contractors are immune from suit … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Affirms John Deere’s HCQIA Immunity

In Moore v. John Deere Health Care Plan, Inc., the Sixth Circuit affirmed summary judgment for John Deere—a health maintenance organization.  Under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (“HCQIA”), the Court held, John Deere was immune from damages in a suit brought by David Moore and his wife—the sole officers, directors, and shareholders of Community … Continue Reading