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Separate Opinions of Sixth Circuit Judges Influence Other Circuits

Not only are Sixth Circuit opinions discussed by other circuits, Sixth Circuit concurrences and dissents—which we previously found to occur in the Sixth Circuit at twice the average rate—are too. Over a recent approximately 18-month period (May 2013 to Sept 2014) separate writings from Sixth Circuit decisions have been cited 47 times by federal courts … Continue Reading

Pillorying the Sixth Circuit: Sensational Claims About “Dysfunction” Make Headlines But How True Are They?

In an article about an ethics decision that cleared a bankruptcy judge of misconduct for membership in an exclusive country club alleged to discriminate, Adam Liptak of the New York Times says the Sixth Circuit is an “odd institution” that is “surely the most dysfunctional federal appeals court in the nation.”  An article in the ABA … Continue Reading