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SCOTUS Declines to Hear Sixth Circuit Discrimination Case

In an order issued Monday (starting on page 27), the Supreme Court denied certiorari in the recent Sixth Circuit case of Kalamazoo County Road Commission v. Deleon. In so doing, the Court allowed the Sixth Circuit’s decision denying summary judgment for the defendant employer to stand. However, Justice Alito authored a strenuous dissent from the denial of certiorari, stating … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Affirms John Deere’s HCQIA Immunity

In Moore v. John Deere Health Care Plan, Inc., the Sixth Circuit affirmed summary judgment for John Deere—a health maintenance organization.  Under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (“HCQIA”), the Court held, John Deere was immune from damages in a suit brought by David Moore and his wife—the sole officers, directors, and shareholders of Community … Continue Reading