Last month in Toledo, Ohio, I had the privilege of conducting an exclusive video interview with General William K. Suter, Clerk of Court of the Supreme Court of the United States.  You can watch my video interview below.

General Suter was at The Toledo Club on April 20 as part of a luncheon and swearing-in ceremony for admission to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court.  The event was co-hosted by the Federal Bar Association and the Toledo Bar Association.  Saber VanDetta and I had the honor of being featured speakers on appellate ethics and professionalism at a Supreme Court CLE that was held following General Suter’s speech at the swearing-in ceremony.  Our presentation covered some of the topics that I explored in a blog post several months ago.

“The swearing-in ceremony officiated by General Suter last month in Toledo was a memorable event, particularly for the 35 individuals who are now the newest members of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar,” says Diana M. Thimming, President of the Federal Bar Association – Northern District of Ohio Chapter.   “This represents the fourth time in the past ten years that General Suter has conducted this wonderful ceremony with the FBA Northern District of Ohio Chapter,” adds James W. Satola, former President of the FBA Northern District of Ohio Chapter and current FBA Circuit Vice President for the Sixth Circuit.  “I have been privileged to be the movant at each one, representing over 300 new admissions to the Supreme Court Bar.  Having General Suter preside over such an event is a great experience, both for the newly admitted Bar Members and for those of us involved in organizing the event.”

Watch my video interview below to discover General Suter’s views on the biggest mistakes that lawyers make at oral argument and the most commonly held misconceptions about the U.S. Supreme Court.  You may be surprised by what you hear.  During the interview, General Suter also offers insights on what the legal profession should do to promote higher levels of excellence, professionalism, and ethical awareness among its members.  Finally, watch the video to find out about General Suter’s personal relationship with none other than the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.  General Suter shares some interesting inside stories about Elvis, including what Elvis was really like.